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Writer's Checklist

Writer's Checklist

1. Look at the ideas in your response. 
__ Did you use a topic sentence?
__ Have you focused on one main idea?
__ Have you used enough details to explain yourself?
__ Have you put your thoughts in order?
__ Can others understand what you are saying?
__ Did you end with a conclusion sentence? (Hint: Make sure to wrap it up, write your opinion, or tell what you learned.)

2. Think about what you want others to know and feel after reading your paper. 
__ Will others understand how you think or feel about an idea?
__ Will others feel angry, sad, happy, surprised, or some other way about your response?
__ Do you have sentences of different lengths?
__ Are your sentences alike? (Hint: Use different kinds of sentences?

3. Look at the words you have used. 
__ Have you described things, places, and people the way theare? (Hint: Use enough detail.)
__ Are you the same person all the way through your paper? (Hint: Check your verbs and are they all past or present)
__ Have you used the right words in the right places?

4. Look at your handwriting. 
__ Can others read your handwriting with no trouble?
__ Did you capitalize and use punctuation marks?
__ Is there space between your words?
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