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Pamela Mueller

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Welcome to my online classroom.


                                                             Booneville High FACS  Program

 I am fortunate to have the administration, community, and faculty support of my program.  I have an administration that believes in my program and that what my program has to offer our students is commendable and necessary.  I usually have very large classes and I am fortunate that the Booneville School District never fails to provide physically  any supplies and equipment needed for labs and classroom projects and activities.  Carl Perkins funds have allowed me to keep my department furnished with the latest in technology.  This is an advantage that allows our students to have the hands on experiences needed to make them marketable in our current world of technology and competition

   Semester 1:       Clothing I          period  1                     Semester 2:               Clothing II                 period  1

                           FACS              period   2,3,7                                                FACS                       period 2,3,7

                           Child Dev.        period  5,6                                                   Food & Nutrition         period 5,6


Pamela Mueller

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